Amol Fulambarkar

Amol is extremely passionate about Indian music and Hindi film songs. Over a decade he has worked in a pivotal role of organizing various socio-cultural events to promote Indian and Marathi literature, art, theater and music across North America. He has been instrumental in inviting renowned singers and musicians from India and organizing musical performances of unsurpassed success. Amol is always eager to take on challenging initiatives for the benefit of Indian community at large. He currently serves as the Executive Committee Member of Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal (BMM) of North America and has been the president of various local communities including Marathi Kala Mandal (MKM) of Greater Washington DC.

Ashok Ambardekar

Ashok's extensive resume' includes writing and directing the first independent Hindi film "Aakanksha" made in Washington area, developing concept for a Hindi serial for India's cable market, work in Washington's Marathi and Hindi theater as a director, writer, actor and stage designer, writing short stories that won awards, publishing his first novel "In Search of Shanker" in 2012 and working as a Creative and Media Consultant for a Marathi film “Partu” made by Americand producers. Ashok is also passionate about Hindi films and songs from the Golden Era. He developed the concept of Kalavishkar's first offering - "Timeless Treasure", a tribute to S D Burman's legendary talent. He immersed himself into the maestro's world of music to distill the narration and select songs in order to make the tribute worthy of S. D. Burman's majestic stature in Hindi film music. Ashok looks forward to present many quality shows under the Kalavishkar banner.

Vinit Deshpande

Vinit has been actively involved in various cultural events of the Marathi kala Mandal in Washington Metro area for past few years. His involvement in numerous theatre and musical events has been instrumental in making them a great success. Vinit's enthusiasm and talent are a great asset to the Kalavishkar team.